Friday, November 7, 2014


It has been so long sense I wrote. Everday I say today is the day and it passes. Allot has changed.  I've had allot of happy times and very sad. That is life and had them Sober. I celebrated 11 years on Oct. 1st. {I feel so guilty I haven't even shared it with my group or recieved my coin. This year with the cleaning business it  took a great tolland went very fast. With the South Jersey Shore being restored 85% tourist came in and put families of lARGE sizes in these already big places in Stone Harbor. June was a wash because the kids had school late due to snow, and I had too many workers I have to learn to limit my workers sometimes. I get out and work just as hard as two of them something is wrong with that picture.My relationship well it is what it is,, still have that empty spot in my soul not always. My son is not doing good.. It took me 8 years of enabling to now I had him arrested Nov. 3rd.  I feel horrible I love my Son but with the heroine and being Bi-Polar (untreated) my Grandkids and Daughter in Law comes first. I pray everyday my Son has a normal life someday he just turned 27 old to him young to me. Work has slowed down now,, I don't see the light of day from May-Oct.. Well I hope everyone out there is well, Enjoy the Holidays coming up. Stay Sober just for today.

Love the Jersey Shore Girl,, Gail

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What a year can do.. I love the babies. I prayer everynite for a healthy & peace  please. My son is not good and the worst is to see the progression.. "I'm helpless".. Britt the kids mom is trying everything, because she worked a total of 6 hours at Old Navy for the clothing discounts,, Social Serves took ALL her food stamps away,, She has her the two babies 4yrs. and 5 months and a grandma grand pop ((great)) watching the kids working double shift's just to feed everyone,, @ 8.25 a hour// My son well he is a addict and I have ran out of options , Just the feeling of getting that phone call one night is just sickening .

May God share his miracles..

Love Jersey Shore Girl,,,, Gail

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 to 1

Well it has been awhile sense I wrote, again getting away from what I should do to get the stuff and experiences out of my head. What a year can't believe it is almost a start of a new one. This year has been up and down :Thank God I'm sober". I'm faced with a addict son that tears my heart. I worry but I have to remember and have faith that God didn't bring me this far and thru so many experiences to break me down.  I pray for him always he is 26 and a father of two most blessed children, they are gifts to me, I love my grandkids with so much that it brings love to a different level. My daughter in Law God bless her but she also enables and with a program in me I know that is none of my business, BUT I do speak up at times. She's a good Mom. I feel my life is at a standstill right now, really not knowing what direction is next. I'll just have to follow the path that is laid out before me & trust it. Any insight would love options. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

With love always, Jersey Shore Girl.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

October " A feeling"


On Oct. 1st, I celebrated via. Phone internet. Every time I want to go get my coin on a Friday Night Avalon either I had to work late or something happened. Now all excited about tomorrow night and my Uncle dies? What the heck. There's a very special lady named Ginger that has my 10yr coin. Can't wait to God gives me a break. don't think I'm going to pray for patients anymore, lol.. I find myself paralyzed with the feeling something is going to happen to my son. No one will sentence him, commit him or save him,,,, Only God and him, I'm watching in time, him die it kills me it took me six years to say NO and mean it, He now has my Grand Daughter my angle joy and a two month boy named Anthony. The hardest part is I don't want to face that my  son is going to die if he doesn't stop using,, The worst part, I CAN"T DO ANYTHING FOR HIM NOW,, HE HAS TO TAKE HIS OWN JOURNEY,,I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART BUT I DONT LIKE HIM((  I pray. life goes on after 10 years just now you realize some of your problems, Just to find out more later,, Love it.. Please keep Anthony my son in your prayers to spare him from this addict life,,amen

Thank You
Love Too All "The Jersey Shore Girl" xxlloo

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Harvest Moon 2013 Shot By: Gail Schlue Stone Harbor, NJ